In Autumn 

"In Autumn" is a follow-up EP, in effect, to my "In Winter" EP from early 2021- and the approach was the same:  record a live set in my living room, to an audience of whoever happened to be there at the time:  a wife, a daughter, or a slightly indifferent cat. 

The songs i chose to include from this mini-concert recorded in the early days of Autumn, 2021, are a mixture of old and new, with a couple of surprises included. 

As a preface:  for almost two years, since right before the start of the pandemic…

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In Winter- 4 song EP 

I've often told people that I don’t consider it “officially Winter” until there’s snow on the ground, and we didn’t get our first snow until January 30th. 

As friends of mine have posted on social media recently, January 2021 was a long year. And to celebrate the Snow That Finally Came At The End Of January, I pulled out a couple of my guitars, and played a mini-concert for the captive audience of my wife and youngest daughter- and that mini-concert has now been released as "In Winter", a 4 song EP that is…

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End of 2020, and a new song 

2020 is quickly coming to an end, after what has felt like a five-year journey (at least).  I'd like to take this opportunity to do a couple of things- the first is to share my latest single- "Rainpath".  It's available for "name your own price" at Bandcamp for the upcoming week (PLEASE select $0.00 for the price- if you're reading this, we're friends, I want you to have it).   Click the image above to get to the Bandcamp page, or click HERE  If streaming is more your thing, you can stream "Rainpath" on Spo

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"How can I help?" 

“How can I help?”

Whenever i release a new cd project, there will be people who write to me, asking this very question. The question, and the sentiment behind it, is VERY appreciated; I’ve been blessed with some wonderful “listeners of my music” over the years, and each new album I release verifies that. So I thought I’d write a note to answer that very question- because there are actually quite a few answers.

1) Buy my album. That’s probably what most musicians would say, including me. My album is…

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AMBIcon 2013- post-show reflections... 

In writing my post-event thoughts on AMBIcon 2013, I keep coming back to one simple sentence- "so much music, so little sleep".  Now that I've had time to catch up a little on one (sleep) and reflect on the other (music), I can reasonably attempt to sort through my memories and get them in written form.

The event itself took place in the convention center attached to the very fine Embassy Suites in San Rafael, CA.  The folks at Delicate Productions were hired to provide surround sound for the event…

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