End of 2020, and a new song

2020 is quickly coming to an end, after what has felt like a five-year journey (at least).  I'd like to take this opportunity to do a couple of things- the first is to share my latest single- "Rainpath".  It's available for "name your own price" at Bandcamp for the upcoming week (PLEASE select $0.00 for the price- if you're reading this, we're friends, I want you to have it).   Click the image above to get to the Bandcamp page, or click HERE  If streaming is more your thing, you can stream "Rainpath" on Spotify and Apple Music

The second thing:  I'd like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who supported and encouraged me in what might be the craziest year I've ever experienced.  Your emails and social media messages kept my spirits afloat on more than one occasion.  I truly hope that my music provided a place and space of relaxation and peace for anyone who listened.

As we enter 2021, I'd also like to extend my thanks to some programs that provided above and beyond support and encouragement to me and my music this past year:  Journeyscapes, Music from the Hearts of Space, New Age Sampler, SiriusXM Spa Channel, and Star's End  I have appreciated, very much, the warm reception these programs gave to my albums "Archive 1: Songs for the Gathering" and "Hidden Shores/Empty Beach"

My wish is that you have a wonderful holiday season, and a peaceful 2021!