Jeff Pearce

Rain and Random Piano

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(HINT:  some browsers have a hard time switching from afternoon to night, and vice-versa.  Clicking your browser's "refresh" button will solve things.  :) )

(at this time, these apps work only on desktop/laptop computers- not on mobile devices) 

I'm honored to announce this collaboration between myself and Dr. Eric Freeman, one that we've been referring to as "piano and rain".  It's best to avoid hyperbole when making these kinds of announcements, but I feel safe in saying that this web app is the only one of its kind- and it's free to anyone who has a modern computer (lots of RAM is good!) and a modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari- NOT Internet Explorer)

The goal of this app- the idea of which I presented to Eric at AMBIcon 2013- was to create as relaxing of a listening experience as possible for the listener.  And I think we achieved that; we both spent a lot of time testing the different versions, and would email each other about how we did our best to listen for an extended period of time, but quickly found ourselves "elsewhere"- in a good way!

There are two parts to this web app- the first being the piano.  I recorded many different piano phrases, and a random number generator selects which phrase will play, and which phrase will follow that one, and so on.  You'll almost certainly never hear the same "program" repeated- since, at this point, the program goes on for infinity.

The second part of this web app is the rain in the background- recorded on a day we had a good old-fashioned gully-washer.  (I know this to be true, because I checked all the gullies after the storm, and they were clean as could be…. :))

This project comes in two flavors: afternoon and night.  There are different piano samples for each, the afternoon samples being more "melodic", while the night samples being darker and more ambient.

At the moment, the only control is a full screen toggle in the lower right.  Future editions will include a timer, volume controls for the rain and piano volumes, and iDevice support.