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Jeff Pearce

Since 1993, Jeff Pearce has been well known to the ambient/new age music community for his unique approach to the electric guitar. He has been called "one of the top two electronic guitarists of all time" by AllMusic while reviewer John Diliberto wrote in Billboard magazine that Pearce is "one of the best" guitarists to follow the solo electric guitarist concept.  Whether playing intimate acoustic-based music or crafting deep-space ambient guitar drifts, Jeff composes music with equal parts melody and mystery. His most recent project, "With Evening Above", features his signature ambient guitar sounds on songs that range from the jewel-like structures of "Ghosts of Summers Past" to the long-form meditation of the album closer "No Matter How Far".

Jeff is an active live performer, having played venues ranging from historic churches and concert halls to planetariums and dance clubs. His live performances are memorable events, mixing songs from his cd's with humorous storytelling and surprising musical improvisations.  He has shared with stage with such performers as Will Ackerman, Stephan Micus, Steve Roach, Jonn Serrie, and Liz Story.

With twelve full length cd's to his name, Jeff's music has received many honors and much airplay since his first release in 1993. Jeff's music has been reviewed in Billboard, Downbeat, and Guitar Player magazines, and music from his cd's has appeared in projects for Mercedes-Benz and Muzak. Many of his albums have won "best of" awards (New Age Voice magazine named "to the shores of heaven" best ambient album of 2000, while his cd "rainshadow sky" won the ZMR "album of the year" award in 2008).  In 2014, "With Evening Above" was the #1 airplay album of the year, and was voted "Best Ambient Album" at the Zone Music Reporter awards show in New Orleans, Louisiana.  And Jeff's music can be heard worldwide on "The Weather Channel", as well as on the "Music from the Hearts of Space" and "Echoes" syndicated radio programs, and on the SiriusXM Spa Channel..